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Bullet Journal Layouts : A Glimpse Inside My Pages

Being able to create fun and different bullet journal layouts is one of the main reasons that I have kept up with my journaling. It helps keep things fresh, and being able to switch up my pages whenever I want, keeps me motivated.

This month, I spent some time working on some new bullet journal layouts that I have been meaning to add. I officially feel ready to kick off this year, and want to give you a glimpse of what I will be up to in my bujo this year.

bullet journal layouts


I had a few new goals in mind for my pages this year. The first one being, that I wanted to make a yearly overview page. I didn’t have one last year and often found myself wanting one to reference. bullet journal layouts

It’s simple, but I love all the bright colors.

Also, I really had to embrace my own suggestion of not expecting perfection with this page. Those little numbers were tough to line up. I have never been so grateful for my white-out!

I liked my monthly goal page, so I didn’t really make any changes with that. However, I want to be sure to find a good quote for each month.

bullet journal layouts

In the past, I’ve used a pre-printed monthly calendar. Not this year! Another goal of mine was to create my own monthly calendar bullet journal layout.bullet journal layouts

Again, it’s simple, but I love that I now have some extra space for notes.


Recently, I started doodling, and it’s so much fun! I created a few trackers to add, and enjoyed adding some colorful drawings. bullet journal layoutsThis one is a favorite. I’m all set for another year of binge-watching!

bullet journal layouts

I don’t often get to the theater, but now I have this cute little popcorn layout to fill in.

bullet journal layouts

This birthday tracker was one that I really needed. Now I won’t forget anyone’s day!

I still need to make a mood tracker, I’ve been thinking of trying a mandala style one, but I am going to save that for next month.

Finally, I’ve been meaning to learn more about chakras. I have always been interested in them, and since I am trying to focus more on me, and my own self-care, I created a page to give me a visual for my studies. bullet journal layouts

bullet journal layouts

I love all the bright colors on these pages, they make me happy!

There you have it!

I think I am off to a good start for this year. I love to save different doodle and bullet journal layout inspirations on my Pinterest board, so be sure to follow along with me!

xo, Melissa


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