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Motivation Lost? 5 Steps You Can Take To Get It Back!


The months of May and June 2017 will now be known as the time that I lost my motivation.

It all started when our family kicked off  the summer with a vacation. It was a lovely time. I took a break from technology, and read books instead. We explored a cave, had fun on a boat, and laughed with family. motivation

I had every intention of working on a blog post, once I returned. After all, I had just experienced a relaxing week in a beautiful cabin. I was refreshed and could look at the world with a clear head.

But I did not get any writing done.

I kept telling myself that I SHOULD work, but I could do it tomorrow.

Even my beloved bullet journal suffered, it’s pages were lonely. I didn’t doodle, I didn’t track the weather or my mood, and worst of all, I had nothing to check off.motivation

Then, I realized something.

My journal is a huge KEY in keeping me motivated and organized.

When I stopped writing my tasks in my journal, and checking it daily, it gave me a reason to procrastinate. I also felt myself become more anxious and overwhelmed.

I had no plan to follow, so instead my brain just had a running list of things that I needed to do. Without putting it on paper, I quickly went into overload, and fell into my old pattern of just shutting down and doing nothing instead. The motivation was gone.



First of all, it is okay to take a break.

I think that in a way, my body and mind were telling me I needed to allow myself some time to do nothing. To read those books that have been piled on my nightstand, catch up on the magazines, and even take a few naps.

Of course, my first instinct was to beat myself up for being lazy and not accomplishing anything.

Instead, I changed my perspective. I gave myself permission to have that break. No writing or work was done, but I did get to enjoy some extra time with my family. I even did some crafts and tried some recipes. And did I mention the naps?!motivation

I was just productive in a different way.

And that is okay.


However, it is important not to stay in permanent break mode. The longer you remain in it, the harder it becomes to snap out of it.

I needed to take a look at my goals and remember why I was doing all that work in the first place.

When I was checking my bullet journal daily, I was reminded of what I was working for. When I stopped doing that, it became easier to ignore the steps that I wanted to take to accomplish my goals.

If you don’t already have a list of goals, with a plan of action, take some time to write some out. Or make a vision board. Or start a bullet journal.

Even if you are feeling unmotivated, just the simple act of looking at your goals each day will help remind and inspire you to keep working.


Part of the reason that I stopped being motivated,  was that I felt like things were piling up around me. Each day my mental lists grew longer, yet I wasn’t doing anything about it. I didn’t feel like it would be possible to get everything done, so instead,  I just shut down.

To combat this, pick just one thing and DO IT.

For me, I told myself that I needed to get out my journal each day and look at and start using my tracker again.

By doing my basic daily tasks again, I started feeling productive and like I was re-building my self discipline again.motivation

Still missing a lot of x’s, but let me tell you, checking off those boxes again when I completed something felt so good!

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, just pick one small thing and work it into a routine again. Don’t get overwhelmed trying to juggle too many things, or all of the things that you were doing before you lost your groove.

Baby steps!!

When you are feeling ready, add another task. For me, I will start doing my affirmations again. I need that positive reinforcement. 🙂


This one is easy.

Make sure you create a fun space to help you feel inspired, and give yourself a little reward. Treat yourself to new journal supplies, find some inspirational quotes, clean your work area or re-arrange it, get a cute plant. Little rewards like this are good for motivation.motivation

Just have a little corner or space where you can plan, work, clear your head, or meditate to help keep you on track.


Finally, be nice to yourself.

Don’t focus on what you did wrong, or what you didn’t accomplish. Negativity can kill motivation. As I mentioned earlier, a perspective change can do wonders.

I’m going to be honest, I still have my dark moments and there are days that I just want to remain in my blanket cave and ignore everything. Just getting out of bed is a simple victory, and it counts as a success.motivation

Think of and remember the successes that you experienced. Even if they are small. Write them down so that you can revisit them when you feel unmotivated.

I followed these 5 steps and was able to find my motivation and get to working and writing again.

It feels good to be back.

What do you do when you find yourself in a funk and need to find your groove again? I would love to hear about it in the comments.





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How a Bullet Journal (and Coffee) Can Help with Cleaning


*Disclaimer: I received a product for free in exchange for a review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own. 

Cleaning is something that I have not always been great about keeping up with. I live in a house with six people, so you can imagine that sometimes things can really pile up.

Enter the bullet journal, my new favorite tool.

As I have explained in some of my past posts, the bullet journal is a great tool for tracking habits and keeping yourself in check. Using a cleaning calendar is similar, and it can help make staying on top of cleaning easy and painless.

If you stay on the schedule that you come up with, and keep up the rotation, your house will stay organized and clean!

I decided to create my calendar page while recovering from a procedure. I was on orders to rest and not move around, which is not an easy task for me. Luckily my family was helpful in assisting with the cleaning while I could not. So, I used my down time as an opportunity to come up with a plan to keep us organized going forward into the future.

Here is what I came up with:


As always with a bullet journal, you can customize your schedules and lists to work for you. Don’t forget that you can add or leave out anything that you would like.

Also, I prefer to keep my cleaning calendar at the front of my journal, where I include the pages for my morning routine.  So, when I pour my first cup of coffee (more on that later!) and go through my daily pages, I am reminded of what I need to do each day.

You may notice that I try not to give myself too many daily tasks. This is so I don’t get overwhelmed and just decide to put everything off.


I have assigned a different chore for each day of the week. Doing this helps to add a little variety to my daily routine.

At the bottom I included a rotating schedule of things to do each month. These are larger house projects, like the dreaded washing of walls and baseboards, but when they are broken up over the year, it becomes much easier to get them accomplished.


And just how does coffee come into play?

Well, quite honestly, it is the fuel that keeps me going. I manage to pack a lot into each day, and in order to get things accomplished, I need to be energized. When I work on my bullet journal pages, or decide to take on any kind of project, a cup of coffee is usually in my hand. Or, at least nearby.

I received a bag of the Sabertooth Roast from Caveman Coffee Company to try, and I must say it is quite delicious. They even sent me samples of MCT Oil, and while I wasn’t sure what to do with it at first, they had recipes on their website. Adding that to my morning brew gave me some amazing energy!


I am sharing this because they have an awesome monthly coffee subscription box available. Which means not running out of coffee. Plus, who doesn’t like fun goodies delivered to your door each month?

I would definitely recommend giving this fun company a try and make your life easier with delivery each month!

Finally, do you want to take your cleaning routine one step further?

Add your daily routine and monthly chores to your bullet journal tracker. If you aren’t sure what a tracker is, check out my Beginners Guide to Using a Tracker.

I love to check off my accomplishments, so this is the extra security that I need to motivate me to stay on top of not only my daily personal goals, but also my cleaning goals.


If you are struggling to keep on top of your cleaning projects, pour yourself a cup of coffee and try making a cleaning calendar. Having all the tasks listed and planned out, gives you one less thing to think about each day!






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Bullet Journal: A Year in Color ( with printable)


Last year, I discovered the world of the Bullet Journal.

Quickly, I became addicted. It helped me stay organized and focused on tasks better than anything else in the past.

bullet journal blank

There is just something about a fresh start, and with the arrival of the new year, I spent most of last week reflecting on what I wanted to accomplish throughout 2017.

Typically, my thoughts are a jumbled mess in my head, so I decided that I would kind of re-create that on a page for my journal by creating a word cloud.  

I brainstormed about everything I wanted to do this year.

I thought about my crafts, knitting, self-care, health, things I want to learn, my blog and my relationships. Then, I started writing each thing in a box, and connected the different ideas that were in a similar category. 

Before I knew it, my page had turned into a great visual for the year. 

bullet journal black and white

Yet, I still felt like something was missing.

I realize that I kept my journal pages pretty basic last year, and just used a black ink pen. After all, I was trying to keep it simple while learning the ropes. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself and end up quitting. However, this year, I want to branch out a bit, and feel that my journal needs some color.

I thought that by using color, it might be a fun way to track my moods throughout the day. My mom gave me this cute little book about colors and their different meanings, so I decided this would be the perfect tool to help me choose the perfect colors to associate with my moods and thoughts.

Of course, once I settled upon my colors, I needed to make a page to serve as a key for my bullet journal.

journal color key

After that, I returned to my 2017 overview page, and I filled in my different boxes with color.

bullet journal color 2017

Now, it felt right!

I already love the addition of color, and I am hoping that it is helpful in tracking my moods. Stay tuned for an update on how it is working for me in a few weeks.

I also made a little color and their meanings printable, it highlights a few colors and their most popular meanings. Just click here and print!

I’m also looking forward to working on learning some lettering, playing with different layouts, and adding new pages to my journal this year. I am ready to dig deeper and branch out!

Do you have a bullet journal? If so, what are some of your goals and what pages are you looking forward to adding this year? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

xo Melissa


Disclaimer: This post may contain some affiliate links. That means I might receive a small commission if you make a purchase by using my link. This happens at no additional cost to you, and it helps provide a few supplies for our homeschool classroom. 🙂 Full disclaimer information can be found here.



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30 Great Bullet Journal Page Ideas

bullet journal page ideas pin graphic

Starting a bullet journal was my attempt at finding a good system to help me stay organized and motivated.

If you aren’t sure what a bullet journal is, and if it would work for you, check out my Beginners Guide to Bullet Journals post.

The past 30 days have been tough on me emotionally. Our family experienced two deaths, and a close friend also lost her father.

I was sad and left with a lot to process.

Working through those feelings and trying to stay on top of my normal routine, was a struggle. I definitely fell behind in my blogging, and I wasn’t feeling my creative self. It was hard to find the motivation to be productive.

But, I noticed one change in myself, and that was that I didn’t completely quit and just sit there being sad. Instead, I used my bullet journal to help me find a little happy again, and get back into my groove.

I got out my colored pencils, pens, and paper, and focused on my wish list, places I want to visit and quotations. The end result? Three new pages for my bullet journal.

bullet journal page ideas completed pages

Making these pages helped me re-focus, and also distract me from feeling so down. I found it healing to think about the future, and it felt good to put some of my wishes and goals down on paper.

They will provide a concrete reminder to keep going and continue working for those things.

The things that I focused on may not be exactly what you need, but that is the beauty of a bullet journal.

You can add whatever is important and relevant to YOU!

Here are a few bullet journal page ideas that might inspire you to get started.

bullet journal page ideas colored pencil photo


  • Gratitude log
  • Water intake tracker
  • Exercise log/weight tracker
  • Self care and relaxation ideas
  • Habit tracker
  • Dream log
  • Vitamin tracker


  • Recipes to try
  • Shopping list
  • Bill tracker
  • Spending log
  • Home and organization projects
  • Cleaning schedule
  • Menu plans


  • Birthday lists
  • Things kids say
  • Family night ideas
  • Gift Ideas
  • Date night ideas


  • Bucket list
  • Wish list
  • Movies/T.V. to watch
  • Books to read
  • Accomplishments
  • Memorable quotations
  • Places to travel
  • Skills or hobbies to learn
  • Restaurants to try
  • Journal prompts

I encourage anyone to create and keep adding pages to their bullet journal. It has been such a helpful, and personalized tool in my life. Just don’t try to do too many at one time, or you might feel overwhelmed!

If you have some bullet journal page ideas, or even pages that you have created, please share them in the comments!


Disclaimer: This post may contain some affiliate links. That means I might receive a small commission if you make a purchase by using my link. This happens at no additional cost to you, and it helps provide a few supplies for our homeschool classroom. 🙂

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Menu Plan Monday

I must confess that missed posting our menu plan for last week. To be honest, the start of school threw me off a bit. So, we ended up eating a lot of leftovers, and “fend for yourself” meals. However, I am much more organized this week, and came up with an actual menu plan!

This bread recipe was the winner in the test kitchen this week.  It was extremely easy to make, and tasted declicious. Miss Bean and I made it together on our first day of school. She loved peeking in the window of the bread machine while it worked, and it made the house smell wonderful! Even the teenager and husband approved, and asked me to make more! I definitely see this becoming a regular addition to our menu.  I might even surprise them with this cinnamon version. Funny, how a simple thing like freshly baked bread can make so many people happy!menu plan

menu plan

Now for this week’s menu plan:


Because summer break is over, I only have to provide lunches for myself and Miss Bean during the week. Since we will be doing school work throughout the day, I am desparate for easy choices!  I found that Passion for Savings has a great (free!) printable called 90 Back to School Lunchbox Ideas , which is now posted on the fridge to help me out during lunch time.

Our family definitely needs a break from the same few meals that we seem to always eat during the dinner hour. Once again, Pinterest came to my rescue, and I found some tasty looking new dishes to test out.

This week, our dinner options will be:

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Crock Pot Beef and Broccoli

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Wraps

Egg Roll Stir-Fry

Check back next week for a new menu plan, and to see how these recipes fared against my hungry crew! Do you have a favorite meal? Share it in the comments or on my Facebook page!

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Mission: Bullet Journal

I am feeling pretty excited about this new project. It combines being creative and being productive! Planning and being organized is one of the most difficult things for me. I have tried so many different calendar systems; paper and electronic, and failed each time. I seem to always feel overwhelmed and just give up.

However, in order to get things accomplished, and keep moving forward, I NEED lists and a plan. I’ve been seeing the bullet journal being talked about quite a bit lately, so I decided to give it a try. It seems like something that might help me find a good system for myself, and stick to it.

I know that I need a monthly overview with dates so that I can track family appointments, bill due dates, and work schedules. I purchased an Avery Mini Binder from Amazon, and blank monthly calendar pages. I also picked up some self stick tabs, and blank lined note pages. I used some of my heavier sketchbook paper and punched holes in it, for the fun, creative part of bullet journaling.

My biggest goal right now is to start small with all of my projects, and work towards the big picture. This one is no different. I know if I try to make weekly, or daily *gasp* pages, I will get overwhelmed and quit. So my first bullet journal attempt, will just be an overview of what I want to accomplish in my month. I want to choose 5 or 6 main goals. I would like to remind myself to also focus on my “me” stuff; health, exercise, and a knitting project.

I hope that when I find myself struggling with that frozen overwhelmed, don’t know what to do, or where to start feeling, I will be able to glance at my page and pick one of my goals to focus on.

Ultimately, I would like to have daily journal pages, a menu planner, and a lesson planner. Maybe even a habit tracker. I will be sure to update my instagram feed and this blog with the different pages that I create. July is pretty basic, but with practice, this is going to be a lot of fun.




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