My Favorite Bullet Journal Supplies


Today, I thought I would share my favorite bullet journal supplies with you.

If you are not sure what a bullet journal is, check out my bullet journals for beginners post.

*Disclaimer: This post may contain some affiliate links. That means I might receive a small commission if you make a purchase by using my link. This happens at no additional cost to you, and it helps provide a few supplies for our homeschool classroom. Miss Bean and I thank you for it! 🙂

One of the best parts about a bullet journal, is that you can create your own personalized system. You really only need a notebook and a pen, but there are also many fun supplies that really can help personalize your journal.

So let’s start with the journal itself.


Just do a search on Amazon and you will find tons of adorable blank books. Many people use this Leuchtturm 1917 journal, it seems to be the tried and true go to.

However, I like to be able to rearrange and remove my pages, and I am unable to do this with this particular style of journal.

To solve this, I use a simple mini binder.

It has clear sleeves in the front, so that I can switch up my cover often. Plus, if it gets damaged, it is very inexpensive to replace.


There is plain, dotted, lined, and grid paper available in loose leaf form.  I like to use all of the types of paper since I prefer the grids for my trackers, dotted for my calendar, lined for writing and plain to do little doodles and drawings.

By doing this, I am able to have everything together in one notebook, and it is easy to switch it up if I get tired of my layouts.

You might want to invest in a 3 ring hole punch as well. It comes in handy sometimes.


Next you need pens.

If you like basic, just invest in some nice black pens.

However, you may want to add some color.

Last year, I did most of my pages in simple black and white. This year, I wanted to branch out and play with color.

Brush pens are a wonderful way to add a little variety to your pages. The set that I have been using recently has a wide and a thin tip. I have been having fun experimenting with different brush strokes.

Sometimes, your colors will bleed through your pages, which can be frustrating. Colored pencils are another good way to get a little creative, without the frustration. I like this set because you can also get the pencil wet and get a watercolor effect.


Stickers are another fun way to add some fun to your bullet journal pages. There are tons of etsy shops that sell custom stickers, as well as amazon. I am working on my own sticker pages, and will be sharing them here on the blog soon.

I also have become a bit addicted to Washi Tape. For example, I found some super cute Totoro Washi tape that I have been using to decorate the top of each of my daily calendar pages for this month. There are so many different styles and patterns, it is fun to stock up so you have a bunch of options for your decorating.


There are a few pages in my journal that I don’t access often, like my color key, and blog information, but get a little beat up because I refer to them often. I found some clear protective sleeves to put those pages in, and it helps keep them in good shape.


Because I keep a lot of different content in my journal, using tabs and divider pages helps me easily access my different sections. I like these dividers because they are made of plastic that is a bit sturdier.
These self adhesive tabs are also great because I can easily label them and stick them on specific pages that I use often.

I hope that this list of my favorite bullet journal supplies is helpful in giving you some good ideas for your own book. Don’t forget that Instagram and Pinterest both have wonderful ideas for layouts also. Be sure to follow me, as I am always adding fun stuff to my feeds.

Do you have any favorite bullet journal supplies? I would love to hear about it in the comments.

XO, Melissa

bullet journal supplies


How to Make a Puffy Heart Pin – Quick and Easy

Today I am going to show you how to make a puffy heart pin with felt.

puffy heart

I needed a cute, but quick craft for Valentine’s day because we had some unexpected medical stuff come up in our house that put me behind.

These little hearts fit my need perfectly, and I even had all the supplies on hand!

Of course February has Valentine’s day, but it is also heart month. I have always had a fondness for hearts, but they took on an additional special meaning when my daughter had open heart surgery.

I will proudly wear this pin, not just for the holiday, but to honor my strong heart warrior, Miss Bean.


To make these puffy hearts, you will need the following supplies:

puffy hearts



Embroidery thread (or regular thread)

Safety pin

Polyfill stuffing

First, you need to cut a heart shape out of the felt.

puffy heart

I used a scrap piece of paper to create a pattern. Then I used it as a guide and cut two heart shapes out of my felt.

puffy heart

Next, cut a small rectangular piece of felt. This will be used to secure the safety pin to the back of your heart.

puffy heart

Place the felt piece over the base of the safety pin, but make sure that you can still open up the pin to secure it to your clothing.

Use your thread and stitch all the way around the small piece of felt. Now your pin is attached, and you are almost ready to wear your puffy heart.

puffy heart

Take your two hearts and place them together, with your safety pin at the back. Begin stitching the two pieces together.

Be sure to leave a little hole so that you can stuff it with the poly fill.

Fill your heart with the stuffing, and finish stitching it closed.

puffy heart

There you have it! It is a fast and easy craft, but is a perfect accessory for Valentine’s day. It would also make a great gift as well.

puffy heart front puffy heart

If you are feeling adventurous, try making other shapes. I made these cute cat pins with little beads for their eyes too.

puffy heart
Enjoy creating and spreading the puffy heart love!

Xo Melissa


Hope – Thursday Writing Prompt

​I had hope that I would get a good craft blog post up this week.

Instead, I took this week off of my main blogging activities to spend a little extra time snuggling my family. It was much needed, and even gave me a bit of planning time.

I will be back next week with a fun heart themed craft to share.

However, I did not forget this weeks writing prompt.  It has been another week of political drama, and it has made me revisit the word hope.


There are many things that I could write about, like a day without phone calls, or arguing siblings.

Most of all, I hope that people will start coming together and show kindness, love and support to one another.

What would you write about?

xo Melissa


Thursday Writing Prompt – A Challenge

​Since my last writing prompt, I have had some pretty crazy days. When I sit down and think about all that I pack in to each day, I realize that I am pretty good at multitasking, and taking on different roles.

I am a teacher, a mother, a wife, a blogger, and work two jobs. Somewhere in these roles, I also try and create, as it is something that makes me feel happy – so I guess I could also be an artist. I know that most people have full days and do various things, and I think it would be fun to hear what others consider themselves to be.

So I thought it would be fun to make this weeks writing prompt a little challenge.


Mine is: Coffee!, eat, work, teach, write, create, clean, love, smile, repeat!

Take some time to do a little brainstorming. Figure out your description and let me know in the comments.


xo Melissa


How Using A Bullet Journal Can Help With Anxiety and Depression


Anxiety and depression is something that I often deal with.  Last year, I started a bullet journal in hopes that it would help me ease my busy mind. I am happy to report, that I have noticed a huge improvement. While I still have my moments, I now know that I have a good tool to help me cope and work through things when I start feeling overwhelmed.

I want to show you that creating a routine with your bullet journal can help you feel more stable, and give you a more positive outlook.

anxiety and depression


Not sure what a bullet journal is? Check out my beginners guide to bullet journals

Here are some ways to put your bullet journal to work for you and your mental health.


This is one of my favorite pages to create. Each morning, as I am drinking my coffee, I take some time to breathe and think about what is on my mind. Things that are bothering me, things that make me happy, and things that I want to do. I create little mind maps with all of these things that accumulate in my head, and once I do that, my mind feels a little more at peace.

It doesn’t have to look pretty, and it can be in any form, just find what works best for you. The goal is to quiet your mind.

anxiety and depression



I usually have a brain full of things that I want to do and need to accomplish. It can get a little cluttered, so being able to have a running list written out, helps me clear my head a bit and have a visual of what I want to do.

However, those lists can also get long and become overwhelming, which leads to shutting down.

One solution would be to make short to-do lists for each day, or for the week. Choose two or three main things that you would like to accomplish, and start with that. Use your brain dump page to jot down other things on your mind. Then, when you sit down to work on your goals for the day, pull items from that page to add to your list.

Another suggestion would be to create a DONE list, instead of a to-do list. Write down thing things that you did accomplish. This can help turn a negative thing, such as a long overwhelming list, into a positive thing.

However you create your lists, just make sure it is achievable. Do not set yourself up for failure.


Sometimes, when anxiety and depression strike, it can make everything feel so hopeless. Like there is nothing good happening.

Take some time each day to think about and write down 1-3 good things that happened in your day. Even if it is just something like just getting out of bed, or that the sun came out for a few hours. I found once I practiced this, that over time, the good things became easier to think of.

Keeping a gratitude list can help focus on the positive, and put things into perspective.


Make a page that lists various activities that you can do to take a few minutes to focus on yourself. When you start feeling overwhelmed and need a break, refer to your list. Often, when I start feeling really upset, my brain doesn’t seem able to think of what I can do to help get out of that rut. If you have a list, it makes it easy to just pick something and go with it.

anxiety and depression

If you need some ideas to get you started, check out my post about quick self care ideas.


These have everything that you need to do on a daily basis available at a glance. Use grid paper and track things like exercise, food, medicine, housework, or vitamins.

A good one to start with is water intake, as staying hydrated is important for the mood.

Trackers are handy because they can help put things into perspective for you. You might discover that you need to work harder to make something more of a habit, or better yet, you may realize that you are doing a great job, and that things aren’t as bad as you think!

Again, just remember to set realistic goals for the things that you want to track.


I wrote a little bit about starting to track my mood last week. Even though this is a tracker as well, I feel like it deserves it’s own category. This one is helpful to see if there are certain times which you are prone to feeling depressed or anxious, it gives you the big picture of how you are feeling.

I have enjoyed tracking my moods so far. When I grab my colors to fill in my box for the day, it gives me a moment to think about and recap my day. Often I think I had a bad day, but once I think about it, I realize that it is usually a mix, and that something positive typically happens. (of course I try and remember to add that to my gratitude page!)

anxiety and depression

At first I was worried that all my squares would be grey for sad, or dark blue for anxious, but I discovered that wasn’t the case.


Finally, I like keeping a page with inspirational or motivational quotes that I like. I can glance at them when I start feeling dark, and usually there is some kind of quote that will help uplift me.

It doesn’t need to be fancy, I just keep a lined page in my notebook so that I can just write it down when I find a quote that I like.

anxiety and depression

Mantras are also nice to add, work them into your morning routine and start the day right. Remind yourself that you are a strong, capable, and smart person.

I hope that this shows you that organizing and creating a system in your bullet journal can be therapeutic and can help when emotions start feeling out of control.

Do you have a favorite page that you use to help combat anxiety and depression? I would love for you to share it in the comments. I am always trying to think of new pages to add.

xo Melissa



Thursday Writing Prompt – Book Characters

One of my goals this year, is to try and fit reading back into my days again. There is nothing quite like getting lost in a book, and getting to know all of the different characters.

My writing prompt today is inspired by that love.

I think I would like to be Hermione Granger so that I could get my chance to attend Hogwarts. Or, maybe Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. She has such a quick wit, which I lack. There are so many different options, that I may end up writing about a few different people, but it is sure fun to imagine!

Which characters would you like to be?

xo Melissa



How to Make A Craft Stick Chalkboard

craft stick chalkboard

This month, as part of my series, I got out my craft sticks and made a few different chalkboards.

They all were quick and easy crafts to make, and I know that I will get good use out of them.

If you would like to make some, all you will need is:


Craft Sticks (large, medium and small)

Chalkboard Paint


Small piece of twine

Acrylic paints (if you want to paint the craft sticks)

Craft Stick Chalkboard Sign

For this chalkboard sign, you will need the large craft sticks.

First, line up seven sticks horizontally, and then with the glue, attach two more sticks on either side vertically.

craft stick chalkboard

Let the glue dry, and then spray paint the front surface with the chalkboard paint.

Once the paint is dry, attach a little bit of twine to the chalkboard so you can hang it up.

craft stick chalkboard

So far, we have used it to announce a stuffed animal tea party picnic, and a game night with friends. I also think it would be fun to hang one on the kids doorknob so that I can leave them special messages.

Craft Stick Miniature Chalkboard Easel

Once I finished the chalkboard sign, I was hooked. So I thought it might be fun to make little chalkboard easels.

To make these, you first need to form an upside down V out of two small craft sticks and then glue three more horizontally across the V.

craft stick chalkboard

Once the glue dries, tape off the top point of the easel, and the bottom part and paint the three horizontal sticks with the chalkboard paint.

When the paint is dry, glue another small craft stick at the back to create a tripod leg, so that the easel will stand up.

craft stick chalkboard

Aren’t they cute? I am going to make a few more so that I can use them to label place settings for dinner parties.

Craft Stick Chalkboard Garden Markers

Finally, I decided to make some plant markers for when we plant our seeds in our garden.

Here you use both the small and medium craft sticks.

Glue three small sticks horizontally across a vertical medium craft stick.

craft stick chalkboard

Let the glue dry and then tape off the top and bottom part of the vertical stick. Paint the three horizontal sticks with the chalkboard paint.

Chalk can be used to write the different seeds that are planted, but if it gets wet, it may wash off and leave you without knowing what you planted! Use modge podge to create a seal over the chalk, or use sharpie instead.

craft stick chalkboard

As you can tell, I am not the best at using fancy lettering and chalk. However, I can’t wait to put all of these mini chalkboards to use. I loved how fast it was to make them, and inexpensive too! Give it a try and let me know how it worked out for you 🙂


Disclaimer: This post may contain some affiliate links. That means I might receive a small commission if you make a purchase by using my link. This happens at no additional cost to you, and it helps provide a few supplies for our homeschool classroom. 🙂 Full disclaimer information can be found here.





Thursday Writing Prompt – Courage

It’s Thursday, which means it is time for another writing prompt.

As I was working in my bullet journal and reflecting this past week, I realized that I avoided writing down certain goals because I was too afraid. I didn’t want to put it in writing because it seemed impossible to achieve.

I don’t want to have this mindset, so I am finding my courage and challenging myself through my prompt.



If I were brave enough, I would actually start trying to write the book I have wanted to write since I was young.

What would you do if you had the courage?

xo Melissa


Bullet Journal: A Year in Color ( with printable)


Last year, I discovered the world of the Bullet Journal.

Quickly, I became addicted. It helped me stay organized and focused on tasks better than anything else in the past.

bullet journal blank

There is just something about a fresh start, and with the arrival of the new year, I spent most of last week reflecting on what I wanted to accomplish throughout 2017.

Typically, my thoughts are a jumbled mess in my head, so I decided that I would kind of re-create that on a page for my journal by creating a word cloud.  

I brainstormed about everything I wanted to do this year.

I thought about my crafts, knitting, self-care, health, things I want to learn, my blog and my relationships. Then, I started writing each thing in a box, and connected the different ideas that were in a similar category. 

Before I knew it, my page had turned into a great visual for the year. 

bullet journal black and white

Yet, I still felt like something was missing.

I realize that I kept my journal pages pretty basic last year, and just used a black ink pen. After all, I was trying to keep it simple while learning the ropes. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself and end up quitting. However, this year, I want to branch out a bit, and feel that my journal needs some color.

I thought that by using color, it might be a fun way to track my moods throughout the day. My mom gave me this cute little book about colors and their different meanings, so I decided this would be the perfect tool to help me choose the perfect colors to associate with my moods and thoughts.

Of course, once I settled upon my colors, I needed to make a page to serve as a key for my bullet journal.

journal color key

After that, I returned to my 2017 overview page, and I filled in my different boxes with color.

bullet journal color 2017

Now, it felt right!

I already love the addition of color, and I am hoping that it is helpful in tracking my moods. Stay tuned for an update on how it is working for me in a few weeks.

I also made a little color and their meanings printable, it highlights a few colors and their most popular meanings. Just click here and print!

I’m also looking forward to working on learning some lettering, playing with different layouts, and adding new pages to my journal this year. I am ready to dig deeper and branch out!

Do you have a bullet journal? If so, what are some of your goals and what pages are you looking forward to adding this year? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

xo Melissa


Disclaimer: This post may contain some affiliate links. That means I might receive a small commission if you make a purchase by using my link. This happens at no additional cost to you, and it helps provide a few supplies for our homeschool classroom. 🙂 Full disclaimer information can be found here.



Thursday Journal Prompt

journal prompt

To kick off the new year, today’s journal prompt is about reflection.

The past year was definitely a roller coaster.  I would say that one of the biggest ways in which I changed, was that I kept moving and was productive.

That may seem like an easy thing to do, but for someone that really struggles with anxiety and depression, it is not an easy feat. Because of that, I am proud of myself for working to break the cycle of getting overwhelmed and just freezing. Instead, I took action.

I hope to continue and get even better at this throughout 2017!

xo Melissa

journal prompt